Welcome to our Training blog. Here we will post vblogs and articles for you to read at your leisure and offer you insight into the lives and experiences of Professional Dancers, Teachers, Coaches and Students as well as training advice and tips.

Summer Training: Use Summer to get Strong and Flexible

This may not be an opinion that a lot share, however, I will give my 6 pence worth anyway... If you are young and budding Dancer... What is the best use of your time this summer...? More training in the style you already do, just in a different location or training that involves a variety of new Dance Styles, methods of expressing yourself and integrated approaches to improving muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Summer Schools have increased in popularity over the last decade and with good reason. Many offer training to Dancers in amazing settings that Dancers would not otherwise encounter. However, if Dancers believe that doing multiple summer schools on top of their usual Dance

Strength Vlogs with The Ballet Strength Pro

This week we are bringing you highlights from some of our gym sessions with the Dancers in Full Time Ballet Training at KS Dance (www.ksd-online.co.uk) Check Them Out! It is crucial that the principles we talk about on this website, we employ in our everyday work as practitioners so we thought we would show you what we have been up to! Barbell Hip Thrust Single Leg Box Jump from Kneeling Weighted Calf Walks Copenhagen Groin Exercise Medicine Ball Throws for Horizontal Force Production

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