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January 28, 2019

Everything is a Question of Balance

Balance is one of the most important skills to have for dancing. To improve your balance, the first thing to be conscious of is what you do when you try to balance: this realization goes through the observation of your habitual behaviour to create a movement. The preparation of balance is also as important as your strength: a balanced movement requires a minimum of effort.

A typical person has their centre of gravity above the navel, in the middle of the body in a horizontal plane. To keep a balanced position, the vertical projection of the centre of gravity have to be...

Preparing dancers for jumping following injury or holiday.

Jumps and landings occur frequently in dance, with professional dancers often being required to perform very creative and athletic jump combinations.

How do dancers make these jumps and leaps look so effortless? It requires tremendous amount of strength and coordination to execute them correctly. In this article, the importance of how a dancer lands and absorbs the impact from these jumps will be highlighted, with the two main reasons for this focus being injury prevention and power production. If a dancer cannot land properly or perform certain...

September 20, 2018

Number ONE question I am asked on a daily basis... "Will I build muscle?"

"But I do not want my legs to get bigger..."

There are many factors to considered in physical preparation of Dancers and not as many of them revolve around the barbell and heavy weight as you might think. Plus, there are many ways to build "strength" for Dancers and not all of them are defined in the same way. For example, a strong Dancer, as defined by a Dance Teacher or Coach, may not be definitively strong in the eyes of the Physical Prep Coach or Strength Coach or Physio and Vice Versa.

What must we consider? and what are the r...

April 2, 2018

Happy Easter from Science in Dance. 

I love Easter eggs as much as the next person but once that initial break from the heavy world of Dance has been enjoyed, its probably time to look at what the time can be used for in order to improve yourself before the Dancing kicks in again and the days start whizzing past. In term time or during heavy performance periods there isn't always the time to hit the gym or spend time working on Strength and Power. 

The article here, discusses using your down time wisely and we have included some exercises to work on over the Spring Break.

With vocational training or part-...

February 21, 2018

Here is Part II to our series of exercises for lower limb Stability and Strength. These exercises are all integrated into our programmes differently, however, try up to 10 repetitions of each and repeat 2-3 times to begin with.

Split Squat

Downward Dog Variation

Plank Variation with Low Arabesque

Dancer: Georgia-Mae Naan from KS Dance.

February 8, 2018

Our Latest Series of videos demonstrates more emphasis on stability and Dancer Specific control. All Dancers that are part of Science in Dance perform lifts such as squats, lunges and deadlifts that are programmed to improve maximal strength and force production on top of muscular endurance.

Side Plank Developé

Zircher Stance Romanian Deadlift

These Exercises demonstrate developing control of the hip through flexion and extension with muscle groups stimulated in a variety of plains to emphasise control through large ranges of motion.

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift with Hip Flexion and Extension plus lateral...

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