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Our Mission


Our mission is to bring up to date and concise information to masses in order help better the lifestyle of individuals in day to day life, Sport and Dance. 


We specialise in delivering education and training to Dance world at both junior and professional level.


Our services provide a tailor made approach to conditioning and strength training that meets the needs of the individual and their particular genre of Dance. Everything from Pointe work to Floor Work, Graham to Cunningham or Commercial Theatre to Street Dance.


Science in Dance is dedicated to bringing you effective training and flexibility programmes based upon the latest research and findings. This enables us to maximise your improvement using state of the art design as well as giving you constant contact through online support to guide you through the processes.


We understand the demands of becoming a Dancer in the modern era and the pressure to push the body to new limits. Science in Dance can offer safe exercise and training advice to help you manage these demands and reduce the risk of injury.


We believe in providing the best quality service to our athletes and dancers by offering a 24/7 contact system. Thereby, you can be in constant contact with our coaches at your convenience through scheduled video calls and 1 to 1 coaching sessions.

KS Dance in rehearsal
Izzy Ayres, Artist working with Science in Dance
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