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Specialist Areas

Train with us.
Science in Dance offers a variety of Sport Science services that compliment Dance Training and any current physiotherapy provision.
All services are available to Part-Time Dancers, Vocational Students, Professionals and Teachers and Coaches of all Dance Genre.
From Adage to Allegro and Pointe Work to Pirouettes we provide progressive and concise strength and conditioning programming for all levels of Dancer. You can gain a physical edge specific to your desires and needs. 


Progressive Flexibility Training
Whether flexibility is an area for improvement for aesthetics or you are simply looking to increase an specific joint mobility to avoid injury our flexibility programming delivers safe and effective methods to provide long lasting results that enable active range of motion to be accessed and controlled.


Dance Injury
Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Our Injury rehabilitation programmes offer personal training to aid the recovery of previous and existing injuries as well strengthen areas of the body in order to prevent future injury. 

These programmes are ideal for Athletes and Dancers who have fallen foul to injury in the past and is recurring or those recovering from surgery or long lasting injury.



Performance Screening for all genre
Science in Dance will assess your athleticism using the latest technology and research based methods. Subsequently establishing areas of strength and weakness that could unlock greater Dance potential. 
Access more turn out, higher extensions, greater jump height and improved stability.

Workshops and Company Visits

Science in Dance has travelled across the world to work with International Ballet Schools and attend International Ballet competitions as an advising S&C coach and rehabilitation advisor. With experience gained from working with Expert Teachers and Directors, Science in Dance travels to Professional Ballet Companies and vocation schools whilst also being situated in a full time vocational Ballet school, KS Dance.
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