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Rupert Wiltshire MSc BSc ASCC

Rupert is the founder of Science in Dance and, with over 10 years of competing and coaching in International Sport, has vast experience developing athletic performance and promoting Dancer and Athlete Health above all else. Over the last 5 years Science in Dance has been built on providing current, concise and applied knowledge to the Performing Arts. 

With a track record of aiding injured Dancer's return to performance and continually aiding individuals to perform at their best, Rupert and the Science in Dance team are well equipped to offer professional and direct advice to Professionals, Clients, Dancers, Parents and Teachers of Dance that get in touch. 

Rupert's greatest aim is to bring education surrounding health and fitness to the Dance World and thus give Dancers longer, fruitful and successful careers. On this journey, Rupert hopes to bring the art of Strength Training and effective conditioning methods to a traditional setting and harmonise the two. Beyond this, Science in Dance now boasts access to professionals in key areas of Performance such as: Physiotherapy, Psychology, Nutrition and Well-Being. 

Beyond Science in Dance, Rupert is Head of Strength and Conditioning for Warrington Wolves Women's Super League and Scottish Ballet. Frequently, Rupert is enlisted as a consultant and speaker to many international Dance and Gymnastics conventions offering lectures in Sport Science and S&C to all levels and professionals.

Having watched, with close interest, Advance I and II Cecchetti classes everyday after school since the age of 6, Rupert has a keen eye for Dance technique which allows him to speak with the same terminology and understanding as Dancers whilst applying knowledge from physiological sciences.

Rupert's Mentors include internationally renowned Teachers, Physiotherapists and Scientists from the Royal Ballet Company and School, Birmingham Royal Ballet, KS Dance, English National Ballet, Cecchetti International, Royal Academy of Dance, Oxford Brookes University and The University of Salford

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Rupert Wiltshire
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