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Strength and Conditioning for Dancers (Online)

Online Coaching with Science in Dance enables Dancers from all Genre and levels to access personal strength and mobility coaching specifically tailored to a Dancer's desires.

Aspiring and Professional Dancers from around the globe are currently enlisting our services to gain athleticism, fitness, flexibility and overall Dance potential.

Currently, Dancers can train one to one with Science in Dance based in Warrington, UK. However we are pleased to offer Programming and Video Coaching for anyone around the world.

Programmes are completely unique to each individual and based upon the physiological maturity and Dance ability of the Dancer. 

Science in Dance has coached Professional Dancers and Dancers in Training via Online Coaching for a number of years with significant improvements noted and shown for each Dancer.

These improvements have been apparent in; Overall Health Status, Decreased Injury Rates, Greater Athleticism (Speed and Jump), Flexibility (Whole Body), Foot and Ankle Strength and Body Composition.

Ballet School
Dance Science
What Our Online Coaching Service Will Do For You!
  • Create Explosive Strength and Power for Virtuosity, Jumps, Leaps and Turns
  • Gain Flexibility
  • Improve Stability and Balance
  • Increased Coordination
  • Flexibility/Extension improvements
  • Reduce the risk of career changing injury
  • Improved Dance Aesthetics (Muscle Definition)
  • Improved Endurance, Stamina and Health

What to Expect...

Upon signing up to Science in Dance you are instantly entitled to 24/7 contact.

We start with thorough and formative consultation to develop an understanding of the areas for improvement so that we can begin putting a programme together and a plan of action for you. 

Prior to purchasing our services, you will be able to schedule a consultation via Skype or FaceTime. Once we have finished our consultation it will take just 72 hours to receive your programme via email with a full 12 week block of Training guidance suitable for your level of training with access to tons of videos on exercise technique and flexibility drills to unlock your full potential.

Your programme will arrive in a PDF format so that it can be accessed by phone along with youtube links to all the exercises and drills you will be doing.

Once you have started training we will have a weekly video call to discuss your progress and consider tweaks and hurdles along the way. 

If you are Dancer of any age or level then this programme will be perfect for you and you will receive 24/7 guidance from us via WhatsApp. Whether you have a significant question, struggling with motivation or any given exercise we will respond to you upon receiving your email.

Dramatically enhance your Dance performance via improving your physiological potential through Strength and Conditioning

Check out what you will receive:

Strength and Condtitioning

Flexibility and Mobility

KS Dance

Strength and Power

Dance Strength

Soft Tissue Exercise

Kate Simmons

Aerobic and Anaerobic Training

Science in Dance

Nutrition Guidance

Dancer Nutrition

Injury Prevention Exercise

Dance Science

Dance Specific Exercise


Training Advice and Performance Health Advice


Sounds Great and Perfect to help me achieve my dream, What's the Cost?

Contact us whenever you need to and we will respond in a matter of hours.
Enhance your Dance
Your programme is going to give you all the improvements you desire
Was £450 Now £390
For your 12 week programme plus all of our bespoke support and knowledge.
Opportunity to realise potential
Dance Strength and Conditioning 
If you are not satisfied with our support and knowledge, your money back.
Money Back if you are not satisfied
Results Guaranteed
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