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CICB, Florence, Italy
About us
Science in Dance was founded by Rupert Wiltshire MSc. BSc. Rupert is a Strength and Conditioning and Sport Science Specialist who has been involved in elite sport for a number of years working with Professional Ballet Dancers, Elite Rugby Players, Gymnasts and other Athletes across a huge number of Sports.
Our mission is to enhance performance and reduce injury occurrences in Dance to allow Athletes and Dancers to have long and successful careers.

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What we do!
Science in Dance offers sport science provision, injury rehabilitation and prevention and strength coaching services to all aspiring Dancers and Professionals from Ballet School to the Stage.
Whether you are a young budding Dancer with a career ahead of you, a Teacher developing students or a Professional Dancer we can offer you support and progression to further enhance your performance.
Science in Dance has a dedicated team of Practitioners, Coaches and Teachers who work in harmony with Young, Aspiring Dancers and Professionals on a regular basis.
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What we offer


Injury Rehabilitation 

Strength, Power and Athletic Development


Bespoke S&C Programmes


1 to 1 training sessions and consultations


Alignment and Performance assessment

Flexibility, Mobility and Stability Training

News & Publications
Science in Dance

Science in Dance

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