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5 Exercised for Better Ankles and Feet

Most commonly asked question to this website, where most questions are answered directly, relate to feet and ankles with the occasional Hamstring.

So heres a little take on 5 exercises you should be utlising on a regular basis

Its great that the Royal Ballet and ABT now include rises at the end of class or at the end of the barre to get some loading into the calf and ankle but this, to me, just pays lip service to whats really needed. PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD is needed with consistent frequency of training being met weekly.

Dancing already involves tons of rises and 2 sets of 16 more to music in class is not hitting the mark apart from raising awareness that something needs to change in the manner of strength training in that area.

If you want to Dance to high levels these days its not enough to just perform dance related exercise. You have to become an athlete.

You have to become an ankle expert of your own and learn to control the joints, tolerate large workloads, be explosive and most of all use them in the artistry of Dance.

Tip #1 - Engage readers right away

1. The Incline Calf Raise for Better Ankles

2. Squeeze and Rise

3. Tip Toeing (Over first 2/3 toes)

4. Isometric Ball/Cushion Push

5. Ankle Jump (Explosive)

SO you have your exercises but how often?

Well if you are a Pro or Pre-Professional Dancer, my recommendation may be that you want to perform these daily in low to moderate and consistent amounts. I like to encourage this type of exercise to come as part of a solid prep session at the beginning of a day or sandwiched inbetween rehearsal periods.

If you are a part time dancer then these can be added in prior to dance classes and performances to adequately activate and prepare the ankles to dance.

"Daily Exercise Routines have changed my career as a Soloist and Principal Dancer!" - Gina Scott

To Learn more about game changing ankle health and have programmes written for you. Simply head over to our coaching page where you can recieve a variety of online and in person coahcing models to suit you and your Dancing.

A little bit of Ankle Work can go a long way to having better longevity and performance in Dance. Especially when it comes to jumping and pointe work.

Join the team at Science in Dance now and be part of a community Dancing with more Athleticism and for longer.


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