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Lifting the Leg Devant and Hip Mobility

Establishing exactly what physical elements are needed or require improvement for performing Adage can be slightly misleading and, at times, awkward for the body to perform. Again this is a discussion regarding active range of motion and passive motion... I still see regular static stretching in order to increase active mobility. And although this works to a point through acutely increasing muscle length, it is a process that requires a significant amount of time, does not create long lasting changes to muscle length and, prior to performance, has been shown to decrease muscle capacity and force output. A long side having good agonist muscle strength to move a limb through a large active ran

Becoming a Professional Ballerina: Interview and Chat with Rebecca Haw

A pleasure as always to talk to Professional Dancers in Ballet Companies and an even bigger privilege to discuss some of the worries that young Dancers have as they pursue a career in Dance with SemperOper Dancer and my good friend Becca Haw. If you are a young Dancer, Dance parent or recent Dance School Graduate then have a watch.

Professional Dancers, Companies and Chats

There is nothing quite like dropping the therabands and massage balls... and even weights for a few days, hopping on a plane to Germany and visiting SemperOper Ballet, Dresden. As I will always maintain, it is so important for health practitioners, working in any discipline, to spend time watching and observing the events that unfold in training and performance. The world of Dance and Sport is ever changing and the demands on Athletes grows with every year. Therefore it is imperative that S&C Coaches, Physios and all other support staff continue to observe the very people we strive to serve. As I sit here writing, I find myself in a beautiful Square, looking up at the Frauen Kirche, which is

Science in Dance Conference for Teachers of Dance

Sunday 26th November, Science in Dance hosts its first ever Conference for Teachers of Dance. This exclusive event it aimed at introducing Teachers, from all genre of Dance, to the anatomy of a Dancer, the processes of Athletic development in Dance and Injury Prevention for Dancers. The Day will consist of practical and educational sessions including Strength training and Mobility elements, Ballet Class delivered by Kate Simmons to link anatomy, Strength training and the aesthetics of Ballet, Presentations on key aspects for the development of a Dancer's body and Educational talks from established members of the Ballet World and Sport Science community. This is the perfect opportunity for Te

Advanced Training Methods for Landing

Loading the lower limbs in a unilateral fashion with emphasis on absorbing forces rapidly. This exercise is a progression from the commonly used Bulgarian split squat. It has been adapted and coached so that the athlete has to rapidly dissipate the landing forces on a single leg. Training the hip extension musculature to control rapid flexion is a significant part to injury prevention. Fatigue in the system can create altered mechanics throughout the loaded sequence and lead to higher risk of injury. The Jump height of both male and female dancers in the 21st Century is often a talking point of modern day choreography. However, if jump height is a common feature then we must also train landi

Upper Body Strength for Port de Bras

If I had a penny for every time I have had someone say that I am wasting my time doing upper body strengthening for Ballet Dancers, I would be writing this from a very big yacht just off Florida Keys. However, instead I am just going to draw your attention to some very simple, yet effective, shoulder stability work that will improve the position of the scapular during port de bras and most arm movements in Ballet. Shoulder strength and stability is something often overlooked by many practitioners of Dance yet the importance of it in improving the lines that need to be created is paramount. The line of the upper back is something I witness being corrected a tremendous amount throughout progre

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