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Im Tired... I need more Energy

Chris Taggart is back with some basic pointers for optimising energy availability and metabolism. How to Maximise Your Energy Efficiency... So, you’ve read my previous articles on nutrition (I hope…), you’ve determined the right foods to eat, how many calories you need, how much daily protein and carbohydrates, and when to eat them to achieve performance greatness. But you’re still super tired, can’t seem to recover from training, and just a bit brain fogged all the time. If this sounds like you, then your nervous system may be a little too revved up and your next step ought to be to calm it down and focus on up-regulating your internal energy production, specifically, the production of ATP.

“I’m Injured… What can I do?”

Jodie is back with our next guest publication! Dancers may, more often than not, suffer an injury during their training or professional career. “I’m injured… what can I do?” is the second most common question I get asked after “when can I get back to dancing?” As frustrating as an injury can be, it could be a blessing in disguise and dancers should try to shift it to a positive. Not dancing because of an injury allows the opportunity to look at or study other aspects of your dance training, outside of the physical context of dance. This could include: Learning about nutrition Researching your injury and discuss management with Medical Practitioners or Teacher, Chance to work on drama or sing

Dance Competitions: The Specificity of Dance Training

The General vs The Specific To many this may seem obvious, in order to have healthy young Dancers we must educate our young Dancers in longevity as well as the flashy tricks and flourishes we see in 21st Century Ballet. In an article published yesterday from The Royal Ballet School, the question was posed as to whether current Ballet competition culture is putting young Dancers at risk? with a huge shift towards technical and physical attributes rather than artistry. This article maybe poignant to some, having seen many high profile young "competition" Dancers leave the art form at a young age to pursue a different career. At Science in Dance, we feel there is a balance. There will forever b

International Association of Dance Medicine and Science: A Week in Finland

Here is the Science in Dance review of the 2018 International Association of Dance Medicine and Science Conference from Helsinki, Finland. Strap yourselves in for some pictorial and editorial highlights from IADMS 2018. Firstly, I must thank every single member of the IADMS and Dance Health Finland for making Science in Dance so welcome at the Conference and congratulations on an amazing 4 days of insight, research and networking. Helsinki is a fantastic city with much to offer in history and amazing food. The day before the conference started I was thrilled to join Katy Chambers, Steph De'Ath, Sarah Needham-Beck and Claire Farmer, all from the UK and flying the flag for One Dance UK and NID

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