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Why work with Dancers...Because it's Awesome!

I am going to attempt to reflect on my observations of the KS Dance Annual Show in this week's article. From both a Dance Science point of view and my own. First realisation for any coach or health professional that works in Dance... Sit back and enjoy watching! This past weekend, I actually did very little apart from the odd massage, release/activation work and mobility routine. It is quite apparent that no warm up I set will mean that someone wins a world championship or have the performance of a life time. All I did, personally, was act as a sounding board and advice centre upon which the Dancers could build their own fantastic performances. Some individuals, needed pumping up! Some neede

Latest Conference Special Guest Update

Our latest addition to the presenting team at The 2018 Science in Dance Conference is Stephanie De'Ath of One Dance UK and the National Institute for Dance Medicine and Science. Stephanie is a Soft Tissue Therapist who works with a variety of vocational and professional Dancers to educate them in the physiology of Dance. Dancers are always looking for the best way to improve their condition and readiness for every given day of Dancing and we have invited Stephanie to the Conference to talk about doing just that. Her insight to self myo-fascial release and soft tissue techniques to aid short term changes recovery and performance will allow conference attendees to take away knowledge and apply

Guest Dance Training Expert

On top of our already esteemed group of presenters, some of whom are yet to be revealed, we will be joined by Kate Simmons of KS Dance. Kate is a Royal Ballet Trained Teacher and former Dancer with London Festival Ballet (formerly ENB) during the Rudolph Nureyev era. Having danced major parts a long side some of the 20th Century's greatest Dancers plus over 30 years of teaching experience and preparing Dancers for the World of Professional Dance, Kate has a huge bank of practise based knowledge and insight to share with Coaches, Physios and Dancers as well as Teachers. At our April Conference Kate will be discussing "Buy-in" within Dance. Buy-in in the classroom, on the stage, in the studio

Special Guest Speaker

Following our last post where we shared our first Special Guest for the Science in Dance Conference 2018, we are confirming our next guest speaker and practitioner. Book HERE. Sy Wiggall is a Strength and Conditioning Coach who specialises in the development of young athletes. Although Sy is not currently working in Dance, he has a vast amount of experience in being a Strength Coach for a variety of organisations including Oxford University Blues Rugby. Sy will be attending our event on 22nd April to deliver a session on Visualisation and Mindfulness and how Dancers can utilise cognitive techniques to prime themselves to have the best performance possible. Through vast life experiences and a

Add Power and Athleticism... From the Gym to the Stage.

Jumper? Turner? Can you be both? Dancers will often describe themselves by the attributes they have or their abilities such as; turning, jumping, adagio, allegro-based Dancers. Dancers that come into the gym often possess the ability to jump well or balance and control their limbs. We rarely see someone who presents all of these attributes. The good news is that the qualities each person desires can be developed. Performing isometric holds can aid an individual in gaining the static strength required to balance and perform adage based steps. Similarly, performing weighted athletic movements like squats and weighted jumps can improve the body's efficiency to express force and get into the air

Science in Dance Conference 2018

We are pleased to announce the return of the Science in Dance Conference in 2018. The event will take place on 22nd April 2018 and include presentations and sessions from Industry Professionals. Our first special Guest is Mr Martin Lanfear who is the Lead Physiotherapist at Scottish Ballet. Martin will be delivering insight into the life of a Physiotherapist in a high performing touring Ballet Company as well some of his clinical based experience as a physiotherapist for Professional Ballet. The theme of this conference is Culture... How Artistic focus can be maintained from a Health perspective, Positively influencing nutritional and psychological aspects of Dancing as well as a Ballet coac

Spine Mobility and Getting the most from your Strength Coach and Physio

Adding Insult to injury is a phenomenon that most of us a familiar with in most walks of life. Rule 101 of Economy is that you cannot make something better off without making something worse off. So what can Dancers expect when they come into the Strength and Conditioning Room after a hard day of rehearsal? It is my responsibility as Performance Enhancement Coach to provide a service that allows a Dancer to be at their best. Therefore, it would be naive to assume that Dancers walk into the studio with me and just get beasted for an hour so that they cannot walk the next day. "Anyone can make anyone tired..." but to consider the movements of Dancer and investigate and biologically alter the k

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