Welcome to our Training blog. Here we will post vblogs and articles for you to read at your leisure and offer you insight into the lives and experiences of Professional Dancers, Teachers, Coaches and Students as well as training advice and tips.

Podcast: Life of a Pro Series with Gina Scott

At Science in Dance we hope that all our subscribers and the wider community are happy and healthy as well as taking the best possible measures to keep themselves safe at this time. Whilst the performing arts industry is on hold we are bringing you a new series from Dancers around the globe. "Life as a Pro" is a series in which we will be interviewing and talking with Professionals in the Performing Arts in order to share their experience, motivation and stories with the world. This platform is aimed at inspiring the younger generation of Dancers and Artists to pursue their dreams, even during challenging times. Our aim is to bring you new and interesting content on our podcast as regularly

Online Store Now Open

Today Science in Dance opened its first Online Shop for programmes, templates and workouts. We have initially released our most in demand template. The Ankle Sprain Rehab template has been our most requested resource. The template gives a small insight into safe exercises to help you return to Dancing following a conventional Grade 1 Ankle sprain providing you have sought Physical Therapy or medical assistance to diagnose the injury. This programme is not a substitute for quality physio time. However, the programme covers exercise progression and criterion to allow you to progress through the stages safely with logical steps in intensity and volume to help you gain confidence in an previousl

Ankle Programmes and Sport Psychology

We have been away from the blogs and podcasts for a number of exciting reasons. Firstly, as you may have seen on the socials we are rolling out some generic ankle strength programmes for purchase with a variety of extensive videos talking you through exercises and techniques to improve and maintain strength and stability at the ankle. The common misconception here is that all the exercises used to enhance ankle strength simply involve the ankle. THEY DO NOT. This programme takes a far more global approach to Stability and Strength for Dance with some added tips on mobility and flexibility. This programme will be available for purchase online soon. Secondly, as of March 2020 we have instated

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