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Podcast: Life of a Pro Series with Gina Scott

At Science in Dance we hope that all our subscribers and the wider community are happy and healthy as well as taking the best possible measures to keep themselves safe at this time.

Whilst the performing arts industry is on hold we are bringing you a new series from Dancers around the globe. "Life as a Pro" is a series in which we will be interviewing and talking with Professionals in the Performing Arts in order to share their experience, motivation and stories with the world. This platform is aimed at inspiring the younger generation of Dancers and Artists to pursue their dreams, even during challenging times.

Our aim is to bring you new and interesting content on our podcast as regularly as possible.

Our first episode features Gina Scott, Second Soloist with SemperOper, Dresden, Germany. Gina talks us through Ballet in her early years all the way through to her time at Semper where she has been since she graduated The Royal Ballet School in 2011. If you would like to get in touch with Gina or follow her journey check out her Instagram: @gina_the_ballerina

As always, give us your feedback and let us know what you would like to hear on upcoming podcasts.

Jo Zeitler

Photography: Jo Zeitler

Listen Now:

In this episode we discuss Gina's progression from Corps de Ballet to Second Soloist, Roles Gina has performed plus the development of those roles with time. We also discuss life outside of Ballet and the importance of stimulating the mind and body in a variety of other ways.

Alex Fine

Photography: Alex Fine

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