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A little about me... whats the plan...?

As many people have probably guessed by now... I am not a Dancer and never have been... never will be. I had the "pleasure" of watching Advanced 1 and 2 Cecchetti from the age of 5 onwards when my Grandad would pick me up from school and drop me off at what was then... "Kate Simmons School of Classical Ballet" now KS Dance. So it's no secret that I have grown up amongst the theatre and Ballet and my passion for is like anyone that enjoys Dancing and partakes in a career in the profession... just one simple difference... I can't bloody do it. As a result of this up-bringing I have had the privilege of observing some amazing Teacher and Dancers both at home and around the world: Gillian Hurst,

Knee Pain... Should we approach Dancers differently in the Gym and the Clinic?

Don't worry... this is still an article for everyone. Parents... you're going to be thinking about keeping your offspring fit and healthy whilst they pursue their dream... Dancers... maybe thoughts are consistently centred around an old injury or a persistent niggle that will not disappear... Health Pros... there are plenty of reasons for an against treating Dancers with the same consideration as other athletes but there are also certain conditions we must also consider. I am sure some will relate the main topic of this article. Patellofemoral Pain (PFP) and Patella Tendonitis or "Knee pain", which tends to be the most common description for both these scenarios, are extremely common in Dan

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