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"Reflective Coaching" Unlock more from your Dancers.

This one's for the Parents, Coaches and Teachers. Every Dancer I know has dreamt of being up on stage as a job, career and lifestyle. That is the main aim. Its an admirable and brilliant profession that embraces originality and diversity, yet, there is a darker, more unspoken side to becoming a professional in the theatre, especially in Dance. Health... often overlooked in the long term. The original purpose, on which Science in Dance was founded, was to promote health and bring education to the world's Professionals in Dance and those just starting out on that journey. As this will always remain the foundation for our work, we will not leave out topics that are sometimes difficult to approa

An important 5% of the Dance success equation. Where do Strength Trainers and other support staff co

Its been a long hard day, you've just hung your jock strap or just wrapped your toe pads in a military grade air tight compartment... and you body feels like it cannot go another round of Cecchetti Port de Bras in class or The Czardas from Coppelia in rehearsal. What do you need to do to recover? What do you need to do in the long term so you can thrive with the volume of training or rehearsing and performing that you do? In the world of Sport, support staff play a crucial, yet small role in preparing athletes and teams for the demands and their discipline. Strength Trainers, for example, specialise in preparing Athletes and Dancers physically to meet goals set by the Coaches of the discipli

Proprioceptive/Adage Exercise for Stability in Dance

Need more stability in your supporting leg? Here is a simple a more advance proprioception exercise. Get off your wobble board and practise positions on the floor. This will test hip flexion strength and control over your hips, Hip thoracic and lumbar spine extension. In later articles we will regress this exercise and break it down do its strength and positioning elements but its worth a try for confidence in your supporting leg. Happy Balancing.

Team GB and Ballet Competitions

So far, I have had the pleasure of observing and helping Dancers in a variety of countries. No such experience will give me as much pride and sense of ore as witnessing Dancers from Science in Dance and KS Dance represent Team Italia and Team GB at the CICB International Competition in Florence, Italy. Science in Dance was there in both physiological and psychological support as well as to cheer on the Dancers in their quest to represent themselves, their school and country in a variety of tough rounds including; contemporary and classical Ballet variations. I was pleased to be asked by Team GB to look after their team, should they need it. With tensions and stakes high, often the body can p

Get an edge and reduce injury risk.

What were you before you were a Dancer...? A Gymnast, A Runner? or have you Danced all your life and been through every colour of leotard? You were a human long before you became a Dancer. However, sometimes there is a trick missed in Sport and Dance. We develop the athlete in their discipline, but of course, yet sometimes we skip the bit where develop basic human strength. Make the Human Strong and the Dancer will be strong... seems simple enough... yet most of the time we crave higher extensions and larger ranges of motion in the working leg and forget that all of these amazing, eye catching movements require very solid foundations. If a Dancer has a strong base and good stability in the l

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