Welcome to our Training blog. Here we will post vblogs and articles for you to read at your leisure and offer you insight into the lives and experiences of Professional Dancers, Teachers, Coaches and Students as well as training advice and tips.

Tackling Stress... What can we learn from Sport and the World of Business.

Its natural... We practise... we fail... we try again... we learn... we fail... we succeed... we learn... we fail... we try new things. With almost every instagram account and facebook meme encouraging us to be the best version of ourselves and eat kale and a drink more water, its hard to take the message seriously and know what to do for the best. My message is simple... Do what makes me you feel good. I get asked, "Should I go for a massage?", "Should I go for accupuncture?" or "Should I just roll out?". In an upcoming video, I will discuss my thoughts, from both a physiological and psychological stand point, on how to optimise our performance and "can do" attitude. I want to tackle the wo

New Exercises with Georgia-Mae Naan, Pt 2.

Here is Part II to our series of exercises for lower limb Stability and Strength. These exercises are all integrated into our programmes differently, however, try up to 10 repetitions of each and repeat 2-3 times to begin with. Split Squat Downward Dog Variation Plank Variation with Low Arabesque Dancer: Georgia-Mae Naan from KS Dance.

Special Guest Update. Science in Dance Conference 2018

We are excited to announce our first Presenter at this years first conference. Martin Lanfear is a well established Physiotherapist who has a passion for educating within the world of Dance and shares many of the same values that Science is Dance was built upon. Martin strives to give Dancers the knowledge they require to perform at the highest level over and over again. Our April Conference has a a number of underlying themes. The first being the wellbeing and continuing development of Dancers. Alongside this their will be aspects of Nutrition, Psychology and Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention topics that evolve from this banner. For now, here is a little about Martin and we look forward to h

New Exercises... Lift Strong and do your extras.

Our Latest Series of videos demonstrates more emphasis on stability and Dancer Specific control. All Dancers that are part of Science in Dance perform lifts such as squats, lunges and deadlifts that are programmed to improve maximal strength and force production on top of muscular endurance. Side Plank Developé Zircher Stance Romanian Deadlift These Exercises demonstrate developing control of the hip through flexion and extension with muscle groups stimulated in a variety of plains to emphasise control through large ranges of motion. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift with Hip Flexion and Extension plus lateral rotation Strength programmes for Dancers should comprise of Major compound exercises to

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