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Tackling Stress... What can we learn from Sport and the World of Business.

Its natural... We practise... we fail... we try again... we learn... we fail... we succeed... we learn... we fail... we try new things.

With almost every instagram account and facebook meme encouraging us to be the best version of ourselves and eat kale and a drink more water, its hard to take the message seriously and know what to do for the best.

My message is simple... Do what makes me you feel good.

I get asked, "Should I go for a massage?", "Should I go for accupuncture?" or "Should I just roll out?".

In an upcoming video, I will discuss my thoughts, from both a physiological and psychological stand point, on how to optimise our performance and "can do" attitude. I want to tackle the word "Stress" head on and share with you my findings in the research and my own experience all the shapes and forms that stress comes in. And even express how stress, in the right dose, is necessary for improvement.

Maybe its not just a case of more is more... maybe change is more, maybe practise until you cant practise anymore does not make perfect... Should Dance practitioners re-think their perfection strategies.

Video coming soon and stay tuned.

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