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Managing Training Load, Volume and Intensity in the World of Dance.

For all the data lovers... this one is for you. Dance Science in practise. Do not be deterred by the nature of this article. We are going to go on a journey through how much hard work Dancers actually do. We are all aware that Dancers work hard, and anecdotally, the history books and news articles of a Ballerina's foot and the weird and wonderful positions that Contemporary and Hip Hop Dancers put themselves into, are well advertised on Youtube and wider networks. But how much energy, effort and physiological/psychological stress are Dancers putting themselves through. Over the last decade there has been a surge in research surround Acute:Chronic workloads in Sport Science. A learned gentlem

A Year of Science in Dance

Science in Dance has grown in to so much more than we ever imagined over the past 12 months; 2 Conference Events, a total of over 900 Coaching Sessions, over 4000 online subscribers and members on every continent around the world. It is quite overwhelming. So much so... Science in Dance is enlisting some fantastic individuals to grow its services and reach more Dancers than ever before. Sport Scientists, Massage Therapists, Rehabilitators, Physios and Doctors are on the list of Professionals who are to be working alongside the current team to support all of you. This change comes as a result of the demand and contact we have had with our readers and members growing exponentially. And we cann

Becoming a Professional Dancer + New Exercises

The Dream... right? Many see Dance as a career of volatility, however at Science in Dance we tend to disagree. Your passion and commitment to bettering yourself each day will determine how successful you are in the industry of Dance. Yes it can be exceedingly difficult to gain employment but it only takes one "YES" out of 100 "No"s to change your life. This concept has everything to do with Dance Science, Training, Practise and mental well-being. I am passionate about giving Dancers the platform where by everything is in its correct place and they feel that they can Dance at their best. How a Dancer feels internally and externally is so multi-factorial that it can be difficult to know where

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