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A Year of Science in Dance

Dance Strength and Conditioning

Science in Dance has grown in to so much more than we ever imagined over the past 12 months; 2 Conference Events, a total of over 900 Coaching Sessions, over 4000 online subscribers and members on every continent around the world. It is quite overwhelming.

So much so... Science in Dance is enlisting some fantastic individuals to grow its services and reach more Dancers than ever before. Sport Scientists, Massage Therapists, Rehabilitators, Physios and Doctors are on the list of Professionals who are to be working alongside the current team to support all of you.

This change comes as a result of the demand and contact we have had with our readers and members growing exponentially. And we cannot Thank you all enough for your continuing support and belief in us.

Over the weekend the Guardian Newspaper published a story on some of the work ongoing at the Royal Ballet with Strength and Conditioning and Dance being united to help the Pros be better than ever. This is so exciting for everyone involved in the industry as it is creating more awareness and traction for Dancers to be healthy, athletic and robust. To mention just a few people that have been regular features in the SinD programme this year:

Chris Taggart (@taggfit) started with us in September as our assistant S&C Coach and has grown to become a highly recognised Coach in his own right!

Jodie Comer (@shaw_therapy) is a Sports Rehab Therapist who has assisted Dancers with us since November and will be undertaking weekly clinic responsibilities with us from September. Jodie is highly motivated and comes with a large body of practical knowledge to help Dancers get more from their Bodies.

Rachel Hendrie (@rachel_hendrie) is a Sport Scientist from Glasgow University and Scottish Ballet who has been huge part of our Data Analysis allowing us to interpret out data from the last year and thus calculate where Dancers have improved throughout the course of their programmes. Similarly, she brings a fresh young outlook to Dance Health and has helped us develop wellness systems to track Dancer Health on a daily basis.

Science in Dance began to aid Dancers with their everyday and long term trials and tribulations from Mental Health and Motivation to Simply being able to balance for longer.

Here is the funny thing... our intention was only to ever help the Dancers that we could reach... but it is has gone way beyond that and I am fortunate to have been invited to speak at a workshop in Helsinki for the IADMS Conference this year and furthermore Dancers are travelling from around the world to be Coached. Therefore, it is only right that we expand the inner workings and provide more to Dancers on a wider scale. Many minds are greater than one...

To every single Dancer and Teacher we have worked with this Year, Thank you for your belief and patience. Anything worth having is worth fighting for and although success and improvement does not happen over night, we believe that your overall dedication and passion for what you do is the single reason that Dance has such beauty and that is also why our passion for Dance is at the Heart of what we do.

What can you expect in the future?

More Content, More Collaborations, More Writers for Science in Dance, More services available... and A Brand NEW PODCAST CHANNEL.

Finally a Message to all the Dancers out there... Keep yourselves ticking over during summer and get in touch if we can help you do so during the Holiday period. Here's to another year of working towards Dance Health.

Yours in Fitness and Health


Founder of Science in Dance

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