Welcome to our Training blog. Here we will post vblogs and articles for you to read at your leisure and offer you insight into the lives and experiences of Professional Dancers, Teachers, Coaches and Students as well as training advice and tips.

Instagram Exercises and Training...

We are all accustomed now to exercise ideas and the so called miracles of training that someone did once to make them unbelievably flexible and has no backing or evidence whatsoever. Here are some of my philosophies regarding the social media melting pot: 1. What if I told you... People do those stretching routines BECAUSE they are already flexible. 2. One exercise and what it does in that moment... will never produce results better than consistency, progression and the combination of Intensity and Volume. 3. Copying some "STUFF" is dangerous. 4. One exercise taken out of context cannot be judged. 5. There is no correlation between something that other people are doing and how you will progr

Self Development: See The World, Gain Experience and Talk.

Over the last 6 months we have been lucky to have some visits from some wonderfully keen individuals who have taken the time to develop themselves further As October Half Term break approaches, I usually take this time to travel to a city around Europe to meet new people, Dancers, Dance Scientists etc. Almost a year ago I was writing a blog about my time in Helsinki and my thoughts on the IADMS conference. This year, unfortunately I will not be attending the conference in Montreal. I hope all my colleagues and peers have a great time! If you have not been to an IADMS, I would greatly recommend the experience. Instead, this year, I am focussing on things closer to home and I have decided to t

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