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Instagram Exercises and Training...

We are all accustomed now to exercise ideas and the so called miracles of training that someone did once to make them unbelievably flexible and has no backing or evidence whatsoever.

Here are some of my philosophies regarding the social media melting pot:

1. What if I told you... People do those stretching routines BECAUSE they are already flexible.

2. One exercise and what it does in that moment... will never produce results better than consistency, progression and the combination of Intensity and Volume.

3. Copying some "STUFF" is dangerous.

4. One exercise taken out of context cannot be judged.

5. There is no correlation between something that other people are doing and how you will progress through your career.

As an avid user of social media, the aim is to create awareness and content that would either: inspire, motivate or educate/spark discussion. But despite this article's title being centred around instagram and social media use. It is actually a fairly insignificant when you re-read the 5 philosophies above and realise that they do not exclusively apply to Instagram.

So... as I write this I am sat in a Starbucks two days away from the Rugby World Cup Final (England vs South Africa) and in one of my favourite new podcasts, House of Rugby, James Haskell speaks about the head coach (Eddie Jones) playing particular attention to "Wellness".

Anyone that has been following this blog or our pages for a while knows that we have a particular interest in the holistic or overall outlook for Dances. With exercise and training only really making up 5% of the puzzle. Often the answer to the success you seek lies in a wider area than just what exercise you choose to perform.

Now if we couple this with my point about Wellness and House of Rugby. In short, the game fo rugby has transformed in merely the last 16 years to now include the concept of Quality over Quantity. If a team performed badly in the good old days the coach would say "We are going to do double training sessions, more running, more analysis, more of basically everything" to find the inches they needed to lift the trophy. As a result, arguably England Rugby over the last 15 years has undergone a huge rollercoaster of methods to get to this point now of being able to play in a World Cup Final. THIS IS NOT THAT DIFFERENT TO THE WOLRD OF DANCE. I shall explain.

We now look to the "readiness" of Dancers and how sore they are, for example, to determine how best to manage that person. This now takes place at KS Dance in the form of daily morning questionnaires to gain a subjective score of a variety attributes: Soreness, Freshness, Sleep, Nutrition, Energy etc. This in turn informs the coaches/teachers and as a result influences the structure of the day an individual, or at least how they are acutely managed. This is a long way from the old "MORE IS MORE" attitude.

A noticeably important factor in the performance of Athletes and Dancers is the platform they are given to perform upon. If there is a significantly comfortable and supportive platform that allows the person to think about the task in hand then it is probable that an individual will flourish.

How does this relate to exercises on instagram? Well... my point is simple. Looking for good exercises on instagram is a narrow minded approach to solving the ever developing problems of "How to Improve".

So I thought I would make a non-exclusive list of the things that were in the "BIGGER PICTURE"...

Theres are all the variables that come underneath the "I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH" statement then ask yourself how many you are putting effort into (IN NO ORDER).

  • Sleep

  • Nutrition

  • Physical Preparation (Training with someone like myself)

  • Technical Preparation

  • Artistic Preparation

  • Immune System Stressors

  • Psychological Stress/Preparation

  • Workload Management

  • Hydration

  • Pacing

  • Personal Analysis (reflection, video, diary)

  • My Own Willingness to Learn

My suggestion, look to the broader aspects that may influence your improvement in the long term.

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