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It's Been a While... Here's whats been happening.

Although I haven't blogged in a hot minute, there has been plenty of movement at Science in Dance.

We Reached 12k followers on instagram.

This is huge, what started as a silly idea one summer, to just share solid exercise information with Dancers and support them in making good gym going decisions... Has become some sort of world wide reaching enterprise dedicated to giving Dancers the benefits of Sport Science and Health Advice.

This is is all thank you to the people that have trusted us with their Coaching, Rehab and Journeys so far.

Thank You

The podcast has also taken a small hiatus but this will be back.

Online Coaching is bigger than ever.

With Covid changing the world, we decided to move more of our services online and Dancers wolrdwide have taken to our WHATSAPP hotline to receive feedback and guidance on their training.


Myself, I have been working to develop the Dance Science and Health provision at KS Dance where I am based as Director of Operations and Head of Wellbeing. Kate Simmons and the team have opened their minds and arms to embrace a Dancer centred environment with the addition of Helena Walker BSc. who is the Dance Rehabilitation Specialist. On top of this KS Dance has enlisted Ellie Glover as the resident Performance Psychologist to assist the Dancers in the Cognitive Performance and Mental Health Literacy.

We have also expanded our platform to provide work placements and experience to aspiring Physios and S&C Coaches to enhance their careers and professional practise.

More importantly, our client base grows stronger and bigger monthly with users of our services spreading across the world. From prestigious Ballet Companies and Schools to Cruise Ships and Recreational Dancers. We are here to assist you no matter where you are.

Look out for more content coming soon.


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