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Self Development: See The World, Gain Experience and Talk.

Over the last 6 months we have been lucky to have some visits from some wonderfully keen individuals who have taken the time to develop themselves further

As October Half Term break approaches, I usually take this time to travel to a city around Europe to meet new people, Dancers, Dance Scientists etc.

Almost a year ago I was writing a blog about my time in Helsinki and my thoughts on the IADMS conference. This year, unfortunately I will not be attending the conference in Montreal. I hope all my colleagues and peers have a great time! If you have not been to an IADMS, I would greatly recommend the experience.

Instead, this year, I am focussing on things closer to home and I have decided to travel for a few days to Leipzig to visit some ONLINE COACHING clients, whilst simultaneously, travelling with current students of KS Dance to an audition for Leipzig Ballet. Not because they want me to, nor that I need to... but it was simply an opportunity to show my support and see another city that is famous for its wonderful Opera Company.

In the mean time, Science in Dance has been blessed with visits from current University students, and expert Coaches from around the country.

One Gentleman in particular, Dan Lonsdale, who appeared on an early episode of our podcast. I was also fortunate to present alongside Dan at Nick Ruddock's Gymnastics Masterclasses a few Sundays ago.

My Point... Somewhere in a over-excited conversation between Dan and I about "Strength at Length" and other jargon we used to sound cool... We discussed the importance of getting to see other coaches working, making a few notes and EVEN Stealing some ideas.

Now let's be honest... Most of what I post has been done by someone else before in a different context. However, Dan and I discussed the importance of producing content for people to see and sharing unique thoughts to a niche audience such as Dance and Gymnastics. I am still encouraging Dan and I think he has gone to buy a camera as we speak so he can put his great ideas out there. Watch this space.

Nevertheless, personal development is a great way to learn... On top of this, demonstrating what you have learned and talking it over with other people is a great way to ensure that this information is retained and fully understood.

Now, if you haven't got time to get around the country or visit other coaches/practitioners. I would encourage the following... READ, LISTEN and WATCH: Youtube, Podcasts and Books are still brilliant ways to receive information. But more importantly!!!

DISCUSS WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED with a friend, colleague, loved one or a client. It helps it go in and make sense.

So, if you are reading this over your morning coffee... make some short plans on how you will discuss your learning and further enhance your skills as a Dancer, Coach, Physio, Teacher or as a HUMAN.


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