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Special Guest Update. Science in Dance Conference 2018

We are excited to announce our first Presenter at this years first conference. Martin Lanfear is a well established Physiotherapist who has a passion for educating within the world of Dance and shares many of the same values that Science is Dance was built upon. Martin strives to give Dancers the knowledge they require to perform at the highest level over and over again.

Our April Conference has a a number of underlying themes. The first being the wellbeing and continuing development of Dancers. Alongside this their will be aspects of Nutrition, Psychology and Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention topics that evolve from this banner.

For now, here is a little about Martin and we look forward to him joining us on April 22nd.

"After obtaining a BSc in Psychology from the University of Victoria I moved to Edinburgh to complete my MSc in Physiotherapy. For the first three years of my professional career I worked in a primary care role within the NHS alongside work at a private clinic. The owner of this clinic had a special interest in dance injuries and as a result I encountered a significant number of dancers on my case load. Since 2016 I provided weekly in-house physiotherapy to the dancers of the Scottish Ballet. In October 2017 I came into post as full time Physiotherapist and Head of Dancer Wellness at the Scottish Ballet. My focus is providing thorough, evidenced based assessment and treatment whilst promoting self-efficacy and resilience amongst our dancers through education and strength and conditioning."

Tickets for The 2018 Science in Dance Conference available HERE.

Contact us for more information on 07793530761 or

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