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New Exercises... Lift Strong and do your extras.

Our Latest Series of videos demonstrates more emphasis on stability and Dancer Specific control. All Dancers that are part of Science in Dance perform lifts such as squats, lunges and deadlifts that are programmed to improve maximal strength and force production on top of muscular endurance.

Side Plank Developé

Zircher Stance Romanian Deadlift

These Exercises demonstrate developing control of the hip through flexion and extension with muscle groups stimulated in a variety of plains to emphasise control through large ranges of motion.

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift with Hip Flexion and Extension plus lateral rotation

Strength programmes for Dancers should comprise of Major compound exercises to stimulate force production improvements and metabolic adaptations in the first instance with a small percentage of specifics focussed on fine control exercises. Dancers spend large amounts of time practising fine control and isolated movements in the classroom and studio. Therefore, any gym time spent trying to emulate Dance movement too much is not necessarily the best use of that time.

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