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Ankle Programmes and Sport Psychology

We have been away from the blogs and podcasts for a number of exciting reasons.

Firstly, as you may have seen on the socials we are rolling out some generic ankle strength programmes for purchase with a variety of extensive videos talking you through exercises and techniques to improve and maintain strength and stability at the ankle.

The common misconception here is that all the exercises used to enhance ankle strength simply involve the ankle. THEY DO NOT. This programme takes a far more global approach to Stability and Strength for Dance with some added tips on mobility and flexibility.

This programme will be available for purchase online soon.

Secondly, as of March 2020 we have instated 2 Professional Doctorate Students from Liverpool John Moore's University to provide Performance Psychology Support to Science in Dance and the students of KS Dance.

The first of these practitioners, Emily Stout, will eventually be providing education to all members of KS Dance from the ages of 12 to 21. Topics include but is not exclusive to: Growth Mindset, Performance Anxiety, Mental Health Literacy, Group Cohesion and so on. We are pleased to be offering group sessions to the parents of Young Dancers, as well, in order to further advance the reach of Metal Health Awareness and a proactive approach to psychology. Emily is a former elite Tennis Player with a wealth of experience in educating young athletes.

Our Second Practitioner, Patrick Walro, will be providing long term 1 to 1 support for the Senior Full Time Dancers of KS Dance. This service is increasingly important in the fields of Sport and Exercise as, particularly, Dancers face ever increasing pressures from Society and the Industry to reach higher heights of performance and entertainment. Patrick has a huge array of experience as a therapist and Sport Psychologist working all over the globe to provide Psychology support to Professional and Academy Soccer.

The facilitation of these Services in a full time setting, in this instance, are testament to the forward thinking and evolving practises of Kate Simmons, The Director of KS Dance who strives for excellence in supporting Young Dancers from all backgrounds to realise their potential in the performing arts. Professor Zoe Knowles of LJMU has worked closely with Science in Dance and KS Dance to organise a framework that will allow Sport Psychology to have a positive impact on the Dance Environment and we are grateful to LJMU for providing us with this service.

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