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Online Store Now Open

Today Science in Dance opened its first Online Shop for programmes, templates and workouts. We have initially released our most in demand template. The Ankle Sprain Rehab template has been our most requested resource. The template gives a small insight into safe exercises to help you return to Dancing following a conventional Grade 1 Ankle sprain providing you have sought Physical Therapy or medical assistance to diagnose the injury. This programme is not a substitute for quality physio time. However, the programme covers exercise progression and criterion to allow you to progress through the stages safely with logical steps in intensity and volume to help you gain confidence in an previously injured ankle.

Further products will include: Strength Training Templates for Overall Strength and Power Specific to Dance, Pointe Strength and Rehab, Core Work for Dance, Flexibility and Mobility for Dance, Home Workout Templates, Jump Training and Rehab.

in other news...

A new episode of the Science in Dance Podcast is now available, CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Episode 7 simply features myself running through a brief Q&A with questions from the followers of our instagram. Topics include Tendinopathy Rehab, Stretching when injured and a couple of other topics.

If you are interested in one to one Online Coaching then do not hesitate to email,

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