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Lifting the Leg Devant and Hip Mobility

Establishing exactly what physical elements are needed or require improvement for performing Adage can be slightly misleading and, at times, awkward for the body to perform.

Again this is a discussion regarding active range of motion and passive motion... I still see regular static stretching in order to increase active mobility. And although this works to a point through acutely increasing muscle length, it is a process that requires a significant amount of time, does not create long lasting changes to muscle length and, prior to performance, has been shown to decrease muscle capacity and force output.

A long side having good agonist muscle strength to move a limb through a large active range of motion, there also needs to be a willingness of the antagonist muscle to lengthen in order to decrease restriction in opposition to an agonist muscle action.

Myo-fascial release has been touched on many times before. Considering that a large element to Dance is requires the ability to create positions and lines in order to demonstrate and perform the art, it seems appropriate that we can use myo-fascial release to allow the body to maintain and move into these positions through minimising restrictions in the deep and superficial fascia layers.

The video below is a simple process of Test ReTest and myo-fascial release for the glute area coupled with Active Hip and Knee Flexion.

These principles are employed from Mobility WOD and adapted with reference to Ballet.

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