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Want Turn Out...? Release consistently and with purpose.

I am ever the voice of positivity when it comes to experimenting with training modalities and, without putting too finer point on it, a lot of things out there, in the ever expanding pool of exercises, work and there are some "half way house" exercises that don't really work.

When it comes to your own training and methods for improving flexibility and active range of motion, you should always do your programmes with 100% commitment and purpose. All to often, Dancers aimlessly roll around on their foam rollers and massage balls for an extensive amount of time. However, with 15 minutes of structured mobility and "myo-fascial release" we can achieve the acute changes in mobility and structural adaptations to improve performance in Dance.

The video below eludes to methods of concentrated release work that could be used prior to Dance class or Performance to influence active mobility when dancing.

Happy Rolling.

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