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What to do over the Holidays...

Well apart from the copious amounts of Nutcracker performances, Roast Dinners and Pointe shoe sewing for the New Year, its important that you keep yourself ticking over with the odd Dance Class. Although... your time could be put to better use whilst taking a small break from Classes and Rehearsals every day.

Whilst utilising your time over the Holiday to rest, there is also a number of things that could help you kick start the New Year of Dance. So I have some recommendations for you based upon Fitness and Flexibility.

1. Don't just plod away aimlessly on a cross trainer or exercise bike... Perform intervals to bridge the gap in anaerobic capacity that will help you push harder in your Dance Training.

Start with: 20 minutes of... 30 seconds Hard:90 seconds light

Long Steady State Cardio will probably not be sufficient or a transferrable stimulus to improve your Dancing.

2. Ditch the Static Stretching and Flexiband torture for a week or so and reap the rewards of improved flexibility through allowing your muscles to recover and adapt to all the training and hard work you have put in this year.

On the other hand if you are someone that has struggle to find time for mobility work this year then the Holiday period is great chance to make some flexi Gains.

3. Perform a ton of calf raises. Theres no better ankle injury prevention method that making Gastrocnemius and Soleus work hard.

Muscular Endurance in this area is without doubt one the most fundamental areas for strength improvements across all Dancers.

4. Along the same lines as the previous point... look to increase ankle dorsiflexion... NOT JUST PLANTARFLEXION...

Being able to "Flex the Ankle" is crucial to safe landing and improved jump performance.

The less you can bend at the ankle... the less the knee can bend... The less the knee can bend, the higher the ground reaction forces are when you land and this is a huge risk factor for lower limb injury.

Finally and Most of all... Take a break... Dancing is a huge part of life but it is also important to make time for the things, people and moments that add value to your Dance career.

You may just find the reset button or motivation you need from resting and finding new perspective for the year ahead.

Make some Dance resolutions and stick to them.

If we can help in anyway let us know and get in touch.

Enjoy the last few weeks of 2017.

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