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2018 Conference Official Schedule

We hope you are all enjoying the build up to the next Science in Dance Event on 22nd April. We are now able to release a finalised event schedule including a description of all our sessions and practical experiences.

This event is dedicated to sharing knowledge in the field of Dance Science and bringing expertise from other areas of Sport and Science to aid Dancers in their quest for enjoyment and perfection.

Guest Speakers:

Stephanie De'Ath: Manager at NIDMS and Soft Tissue Therapist

Kate Simmons: International Choreographer and Expert Teacher

Sy Wiggall: Strength Coach for Oxford University and Youth Athlete Coach

Martin Lanfear: Lead Physiotherapist at Scottish Ballet

Rick Williams: Physiotherapist for Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Guest Speakers Sy Wiggall and Stephanie De'Ath will also be leading practical components to these sessions in which everyone is welcome to take part.

Ballet Class will be a class of two halves. The first half will be for everyone and give attendees insight into Dance Pedagogy and leading a class. The Second half will be for more advance Dancers and consist of various Allegro exercises in which the athletic demands of Ballet will be demonstrated.

Get your tickets before they all go. All are welcome to gain and share experience and knowledge.

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