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October 15, 2019

Over the last 6 months we have been lucky to have some visits from some wonderfully keen individuals who have taken the time to develop themselves further

As October Half Term break approaches, I usually take this time to travel to a city around Europe to meet new people, Dancers, Dance Scientists etc. 

Almost a year ago I was writing a blog about my time in Helsinki and my thoughts on the IADMS conference. This year, unfortunately I will not be attending the conference in Montreal. I hope all my colleagues and peers have a great time! If you have not been to an IADMS, I would greatly recommend the exper...

November 1, 2018

Here is the Science in Dance review of the 2018 International Association of Dance Medicine and Science Conference from Helsinki, Finland.

Strap yourselves in for some pictorial and editorial highlights from IADMS 2018. 

Firstly, I must thank every single member of the IADMS and Dance Health Finland for making Science in Dance so welcome at the Conference and congratulations on an amazing 4 days of insight, research and networking. 

Helsinki is a fantastic city with much to offer in history and amazing food. The day before the conference started I was thrilled to join Katy Chambers, Steph De'Ath, Sarah Ne...

April 24, 2018

A huge Thank you to all who attended our Science in Dance Conference this last weekend.

A Major Thank You to all those who presented. Here is your chance to check them out on Instagram and Twitter:

Stephanie De'Ath: @stephaniede17 - instagram

Martin Lanfear: @underthebarre - twitter

Sy Wiggall: @sywiggall - instagram

Gemma Parry: @GemmaNParry - Twitter

Kate Simmons: @katesimmonsdance - instagram

April 7, 2018

We hope you are all enjoying the build up to the next Science in Dance Event on 22nd April. We are now able to release a finalised event schedule including a description of all our sessions and practical experiences.

This event is dedicated to sharing knowledge in the field of Dance Science and bringing expertise from other areas of Sport and Science to aid Dancers in their quest for enjoyment and perfection.


Guest Speakers: 

Stephanie De'Ath: Manager at NIDMS and Soft Tissue Therapist

Kate Simmons: International Choreographer and Expert Teacher

Sy Wiggall: Strength Coach for Oxford University and Yo...

March 26, 2018

Our latest addition to the presenting team at The 2018 Science in Dance Conference is Stephanie De'Ath of One Dance UK and the National Institute for Dance Medicine and Science. 

Stephanie is a Soft Tissue Therapist who works with a variety of vocational and professional Dancers to educate them in the physiology of Dance. 

Dancers are always looking for the best way to improve their condition and readiness for every given day of Dancing and we have invited Stephanie to the Conference to talk about doing just that. Her insight to self myo-fascial release and soft tissue techniques to aid short term change...

March 16, 2018

On top of our already esteemed group of presenters, some of whom are yet to be revealed, we will be joined by Kate Simmons of KS Dance. 

Kate is a Royal Ballet Trained Teacher and former Dancer with London Festival Ballet (formerly ENB) during the Rudolph Nureyev era. Having danced major parts a long side some of the 20th Century's greatest Dancers plus over 30 years of teaching experience and preparing Dancers for the World of Professional Dance, Kate has a huge bank of practise based knowledge and insight to share with Coaches, Physios and Dancers as well as Teachers. 

At our April Conference Kate...

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