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Episode 4: We Are Back for Summer!

Welcome back to Science in Dance in Blogs. We are continuing with the podcast series. This week we are delighted to share with you the work and genius of Paige Rice from Edith Cowan University. In the episode she talks to us about all things to do with ankle biomechanics and even shares with us the preliminary results of her training study which involves the hot topic at the moment which is ISOMETRICS.

Paige is studying and researching Dance Biomechanics and Bio Physics as part of her PhD which ties nicely into research surrounding; performance, injury risk and more molecular level science with her inclusion of the role of Titin in process of muscle actions and movement.

Also coming soon, we will have a range of podcast episodes where Science in Dance will answer questions from our subscribers in the "Science in Dance Q&A".

The Team includes Christ Taggart, Jodie Comer and myself plus many more as we continue to bring you as much experience in Dance Science as we can.

For those interested in some of the training exercises that involved Isometrics. The videos below demonstrate a variety of examples.

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